Stenskivor Sverige AB - 2014 has increased its turnover from 1 million / year to 2 million / month through a new digital strategy.



The company had good products, talented employees and satisfied customers, but turnover was low and the customers did not find the company in the market. The mission was to review the overall company strategy, acquire customers and grind the sales process.


Stenskivors challenge lay in getting new customers regularly when the product is to be durable. The strategy was based on being the customer's first choice at the kitchen renovation. We looked over corporate identity and logo, and built on the site so that it would convert better. We saw the direct result of the increase in organic traffic and conversion. To strengthen further we connected on Adwords. To take care of the sudden increase in customer inquiries, we created a web-based CRM solution that we are integrated with the site.


A year later, sales are up nearly 2mkr / month (compared with about 1mkr / year) and still rising. We continue to work with content strategy and an e-commerce solution for the company to handle the increase in volume.


November 2013. With sales of scarce million was the company behind in trouble. The company had everything! Great products, great people and everything necessary to make customers happy. What was missing? Yes. Reaching out to the market. Our task was to take care of the whole strategy and communication plan and execution.


We quickly discovered that the company's products were of that type are not bought every day. Sure, there were repeat customers but it was most resellers and partners. Stenskivors challenge was to acquire new customers continuously. We chose a digital strategy based on to be the first choice when a customer should do if their kitchen. The old site did not attract customers and converted poorly. It rested when on a WordPress solution. WordPress is a great tool but we felt that the site would become more attractive, flexible and user-friendly in Umbraco.


When we looked at the site we came into the question of identity. The old logo was simply not good and did not update in the right direction here needed something new. A new logo, new identity and a new website was developed. Just a few days later there was a noticeable increase in organic traffic - and conversion. It was time to plug in Adwords.


The next problem to solve was the company's sales process. It started to get into leads. Daily. It was not used to. How do you handle this? We made a quick assessment of what was needed and suggested a web-based CRM solution we integrated with the site. The result was that the requests for quotes came directly into the company's CRM. A seller could now pick up a lead and make the whole inquiry. The time to first contact decreased from several days to a few hours.


Now, almost a year later after we started cooperation, turnover is up nearly 2mkr / month (compared with about 1mkr / year) and still rising. What is left for us to do is to continue the digital marketing plan with our content strategy and hone on Inbound Marketing. We will soon begin the development of an e-comlösning to manage the company's standard products, such as tables and simple stone slabs. In the future we will integrate CRM and accounting system (Visma) - but right now the focus is on facilitating the customer (e-com) and free up internal resources so that the company can handle the increase in volume.