bv SARA CALMRAM / 2014-11-14

Since 2006 Inbound marketing has been the most effective way to do business online. Have you never heard of the term?

Do not worry - it's not as complicated as it sounds.

The starting point of the whole discussion about why marketing has changed is the difference in the behavior of our customers. As customer behavior change, we also need to change the methods of marketing to be effective. Earlier we used the "push" marketing where, through marketing activities pushed out sales messages in different channels. Today we can rather talk about "pull" marketing because of the conditions that the Internet provides customers today. The digital revolution is creating conscious customers comparing, searching and demands before purchasing.

Previously, we bought DM, phone lists and ad sites to try to find and attract customers. We printed out our message in a mix of channels and hoped for the best.

Inbound marketing focuses on creating relevant and quality content for the customer that draws customers to your products and your brand. By adapting your content better to your customers' interests and values, you attract traffic that you can more easily convert, finish and nurture over time. Sounds simple? The principle is not difficult - but it assumes that you take control of your online content through a clear strategy. 



Skyhatt Digital Team