At a time when we focus so much on digital strategies, SEM and selling websites, it is easy to forget that our smartphones are not only small tablets. It is actually for calling from the phone. Did you know that over 70% of all mobile surfers have used click-to-call to get in touch with a company, directly from the search results page of Google. 

According to a study by Invoca ranks 68% of all businesses inbound calls as an excellent source of leads - actually the highest source of leads among all inbound sources. Most of all marketers want their campaigns to collect more leads in the form of conversations - yet too many marketers do not have a clue which of their marketing activities that drive phone calls - since it is not measurable in their CRM. How do you care for your incoming calls, which actually is a contact on the customer's own initiative. Is there a risk that you will miss a valuable source of more business?


If one takes into account that inbound calls converting more than 10x higher than clicks, there is every reason to think about how you handle the customers who call to you. Whether it is a potential customer who wants answers to a question before a purchase decision or existing customers who need service, it is important to reflect on accessibility and reception as part of the sales process. An existing customer allows for cross- or upselling and a satisfied customer nurture the brand and contribute to word-of-mouth marketing. A good digital strategy, smart time-saving solutions and the automation of the sales process allowing your salespeople to focus on the right customers - customers who come further in their buying process. It also frees up resources for customer service and administration will be able to maintain a high level of service. Amid all the talk about digital strategies - do not forget the phone calls in your overall strategy to drive sales leads to the company and to nurture your brand.




Skyhatt Digital Team