by MARK NILSSON / 2015-04-12

We meet many different reasons why a company chooses to hire an agency. Sometimes, the company has a clear goal, but all too often there is uncertainty about both the means and ends behind the change. As an agency, we want to be able to do a good job and that requires the right conditions.

Most often our process looks like this: We book a personal meeting with the "management". Usually this means the marketing department, the CEO and other senior positions and rarely the sales manager. Which is strange - when you think about it. Meetings with communication agencies tend to focus on sales. Or? Sure, we usually all tiptoe around the hot porridge little; but really, so is the new website, digital strategy, brand strategy or updated marketing platform for one thing - namely, to increase sales.

Today, conditions and media landscape looks different than 10 years ago. We usually talk about the different tools in the toolbox. The brand will naturally reflect and support the company. The site will generate revenue or leads for the sales team and everyone is happy and satisfied. Or?

   When you hire an agency, it is important that the ideas become more concrete. To help in the process, we usually ask a number of annoying little questions; "Why?" , "Why should you have a website?" , "Why should you do a company presentation?" If you are reading this, think about and apply this in your own business, you'll soon produced a couple of different truths.



Making the brand

Most often, when you do a log or a profile, you just get tired of it. If the new profile does not match your objectives - you instead ask why? Could the reason be that you simply have not communicated it enough? Could it be that you're just a little tired of this profile internally? Or is it because you did not take a comprehensive approach, or was fuzzy when you made about the brand's profile last time?



Making the website

Making a website is not an easy match. We remember "back in the days" it was done because it was the company's "reception" - "public face". Now, the Web is so much more than that. A website must be formed with communication media, customer service, sales channel and - yes, the reception also.

Ask "why" in the light of how the world and customer behavior changes. Why not convert our web? Could it be that you do not even give the visitor a chance to buy? Perhaps no clear CTA (Call to Action)? A little rule we use is to just ask the question "What do you want the visitor to do?". And make sure the answer is obvious.



Tie up the bag

So what was the initial discussion on the sales manager about? Yes. Bring the sales manager of the working group. All efforts on marketing will increase the company's sales in the end - why not take inspiration from those who know your customers better? Let the working group set the critical question of "why" and enjoy the results!

Last but not least - the intention of the project is to increase the sales. Do not forget that when a company undertakes to deliver something, it is a promise. Never break a promise! Make sure that all parts of production to customer is aware that there is an increase in incoming clients. Can all levels handle the increase in volume?

 We usually suggest that you take little steps - to ensure that all departments can handle the increase. Consider the following scenario: Everyone makes a crazy good job. Leads flow in. Sales increase and then say the production comes to a stop. Doesn't i create some bad effect? In fact, it can kill a good seller in no time. The transaction is completed and then call the customer and complain that nothing has been delivered. What happens to the seller's motivation? 

So, when you are about to hire an agency, do not forget to ask yourself the important questions.

What is the objective of the process we are starting? What tools should we use - and Is our organization prepared to accept the result?


Skyhatt Digital Team