We are an unusual advertising agency.


We reduce costs and increase sales.


Our goal is always to create measurable value for the customer.


We, who run Skyhatt, have practical experience from many other industries. We have worked in the public sector, in the financial industry, in construction and in service sector. We know how difficult it is to actually implement projects in an organization to make a difference. We also know how important it is to create measurable value that justifies the investment. If you are looking for an agency with offices in the trendy inner city, do not choose us. We are a communications agency that works with the classic lean production - eliminating those parts of the production process that does not create value for the end customer.

Skyhatt founded in 2003 by entrepreneur Mark Nilsson and art director Tim Wilkinson after several years of cooperation. Agency specializes in conceptual advertising, graphic design and brand development. Skyhatt has worked with several major companies such as Disney, Logitech and IKEA Foundation but also with smaller customers in varying industries.

Today Skyhatt is a small agency with big experience. We have knowledge of the communication strategy bases but also the ability to put knowledge into a perspective that is relevant in today's digital media world. The goal is to create real value for our customers.

The company group includes more companies that provide Skyhatt the privilege to test the newest marketing tools in practice on their own company. We want to know that what we do is actually working before we sell it to our customers. Practice before theory, that is.